Thursday, May 29, 2003

Well, it would seem that I am coming to the final stretch of my Japanese course. I've learnt so much, so fast, yet I still don't even think that I've scratched the surface. We got pamphlets detailing this "teach english in Japan" program, and it sounds pretty sweet. It is definitly something that I could do for a year or so. The pay sounds decent, and I would get to go to Japan. The only catch is that I need a degree. Any degree. So the communications degree that I am striving for would suffice, although it seems like a long ways off. I just got some mail from SAIT, saying that I did not get into the program, but to keep my fingers crossed (yeah right). Back at the University, my GPA falls short of majoring in communications studies, thus stifling my chances of getting my degree in any short time. It would seem that my only hope would be to take some guarenteed GPA boosting courses, such as Rocks for Jocks 201, or Scopes for Dopes 205. Yeah, my parents will not likely be to happy when they hear about all of this. They pay for my education, so finding out that I pretty much suck at learning will tick them off somewhat. Oh well, it's hardly the biggest secret that I keep from them.

So, in the cheme of my general quest to leave this godforsaken town, I am set back by my own incompetencies. For example, I'm not even sure if 'incompetencies' is a word. But whatever. It's only a matter of time.


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