Monday, May 26, 2003

Well then, I guess that now would be as good time to rant as any. This IS what blogs are for, right? My current beef has to do with my bank, which I shall hereby refer to as my God-damn bank. These guys are probably the most profitable of companies in this country, yet they still see fit to squeeze me for every red cent I earn.

Over the years my God-damn bank finds it necesarry to charge me for whatever asanine services they can think of. They want to charge me for use of my interac card, for use of online banking, monthly 'cuz we said so' fees, whatever. I've had it, and now I am no longer having it. Also, whenever I actually have business that requires me to decend to my nearest branch, located in the 10th circle of hell, they take great joy in pissing me off in the name of good customer service.

For instance, last week I signed something for their records, they scrutinized it and told me that I must simply be an imposter of the real Tay. I couldn't possibly be me. It doesn't matter now, because I am through with there crap. The last straw came today when I had to go to the bank to deposit my final cheque from my previous job. I was an employee of a pizza joint, and have since moved on to become a security guard. I need the money from this cheque pretty badly, I may explain the circumstances in a further post. The point is, I can't have my money.

The bank has invented a new flavour of evil, known as "holding periods" for cheques, which means that the bank that I have suffered with for all my known life will know treat me like a criminal, and do a complete background check on me, and the issuer of the check. Maybe not, but what the hell else could you possibly do with my cheque that would take 5 whole business days! Needless to say, I don't get my money.

After returning home, the thought struck me: screw the bank! I give them MY money, which THEY use to make more money. I never see any of this surplus money, so really, these guys are fleecing me from all angles. So, tomorrow after school, I will go to the bank, hold my head high and say: "gimme my money". Not just some of it, but all of it. And don't expect to get any more. Ever. I will make arrangments to bank elsewhere, with people who will not hang me from my ankles and shake me down for all that I earn. If such banks do not exist, I will be perfectly happy to keep my cash stuffed in my matress. I'm sure it will be just as safe there as it will in any bank.

Now I understand why all these blogs are such a huge thing. All of this venting can be fun! See ya tomorrow!


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