Thursday, June 05, 2003

Man, but can physical labour really take it's toll! I was moving gravel into the backyard all yesterday, and now my entire back/shoulders is sore from the work. It's gonna be intersesting at the dojo tonite, that's for sure. Lately, Sensei has been having random people do little kumite fights. For those not in the know, that's a sparring of some sort. Last class, all the green belts got up and had to fend themselves from all the blackbelts. It got pretty crazy at times. I hope that I get a chance to ddo something like that eventually. It looks pretty scary, but I think that I could handle the pressure.

My Japanese course is all done with now. I just finished the final exam today, and I am quite confident that I scored high. I got the impression going in that she didn't want to fail anybody. No need here, that's for sure. So that means that besides work (which is sparse to say the least) I am a free man. I intend to start learning HTML right away. Hopefully, work will pick up soon, and I will actually be able to afford those tickets I bought. If not, I will be most sore, as then I would have to spend $20 to postpone the vacation to a time that would be much less cooler than T.O's Pride Week. I'm excited that I'm going, and Matt seems to be excited that I'm coming, so we're all a little excited. Until the next time I blog it up, I will see you later. Right now I have some serious muscle stretching to do.


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