Sunday, June 01, 2003

Now, don't kill me because I missed a day, I was very busy. I still have this one up only 3 hours late, technically, I guess. What was I so busy with that I couldn't be bothered to update? Well, let me tell you.

My folks talked me into volenteering at a casino to help out the Muscular Dystrophy Association, which I don't REALLY mind, because my little brother is afflicted with the disease. I don't do this volunteer work out of sympathy or empathy, just out of family duty, I guess. It's not as if it's back-breaking work either; most of the time I just sat around and watched the crappy TV that they have set up for us. There's a free meal in it too, steak and lobster at that! Let those hippies at the university deal with that! So yeah, all we do there is menial tasks that any schmoe already working there could do, we just need to do ourselves to satisfy some gambling commision law or something. When not doing that, I was readin old TIME magazines and watching one of Mel Gibson's biggest failures, "What Women Want". Unfortunatly, that's the ONLY film that the VCR was equipped with. It makes me wonder about the kind of people who usually volunteer.

I have a large problem with these "chick flicks". Most of these problems stem from the fact that I am a computer chip away from being an emotionless robot, my only faults being rage and curiosity, if either of those are actual emotions. So yeah, these films are nothing but garbage really. I'm never really sure what to do in types of situations like these, where there is a group of people trying to connect on an emotional level over a movie. So I just crack jokes. It's pretty easy this time, as the movie is WROUGHT with plot holes. I won't spoil anything for you, in case you haven't seen it, except that Darth Vader was Mel Gibson's father all along, Bruce Willis was dead the entire time, and Keifer Sutherland was the sniper. It's not big stuff compared to the REAL twist ending, where it turns out that Mel can withstand the force of no less than 3 lightning strikes within the span of a film. It's crap like this that makes me feel lucky that I will never have to deal with a girlfriend, devious symboitic creatures that use their powers of evil to force their prey to attend such films. Apperantly, that's their target demographic. Curious, but not curious enough for me.


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