Sunday, June 29, 2003

Oh lordy, but I've done it again! Well, actually this is the FIRST time that I've clogged a toilet, but I can't say as it counts against my perpetuently negative lucky streak. So yeah, it's 3 in the freekin' morning, and I'm asking Jeeves how to unclog this toilet. Appearantly, the fucking around that I did with a plunger SHOULD have doe the trick, but no, this time it had to be difficult. All the mess is cleaned up, so nobody else will have to wake up to shitwater on the bathroom tile, unless the thing is refilling itself at an undetectable rate, and will overflow as I sleep. But it's out of my hands now, I leave it to the gods.

Today was pretty cool. The whole gang went to Church Street, which essentially equates to the gaybourhood. There was a bunch of things going on, funnest of which was this wet underwear contest that was going on at the same place where we had girly drinks on the patio the other night. It was hosted by these 2 drag queens, who had to be the funniest things alive, in ways that only drag queens can be. The contest itself was pretty good, with lots of hot guys :). In the end, it was our waiter who won, which was funny, because he would come by in a towel to refresh our drinks in between each round of elemination. We gave him a hearty tip, because he obviously works hard. And because he's got a god-like body.

But i digress. The big parade is tomorrow, so i should probably get a good nights rest. It will be my last day back in the city, so i want to make it count.


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