Wednesday, June 25, 2003

we went out on the town today, me and matt. we saw china town, and kensington shopping district, and lots of cool places. i didn't buy anything, save for snacks in the Dragon City mall. We also pre-ordered a burned copy of Cool Cool Tune, this Japanese Dreamcast game of sorts. Anyway, that wasn't the coolest part fo my day. We were walking around town, and as we were crossing the street, I saw a segway. You've heard of them, the cool gyroscopic scooters of sorts that cost thousands of dollars. What was cool about it is that there was a homeless guy riding it. Seriously. He was wearing torn up clothes, and had veins on his arm like a heroin addict. So yeah, I was all like, "wow, that guy has a segway!" Then, after I looked up and saw who was riding it, I changed it to, "wow, that guy stole a segway!". It was pretty awesome to say the least. After all that we went to go see the premiere of 'Sinbad'. It was a short little cartoon that didn't really amount to much, and had way too many pirates in it for my taste. It was waaaay too predictable too, and I didn't enjoy it that much on the whole. Now, Me, Matt and Patrick are sitting at home, cooking in our own sweat, drinking drinks, and playing monkey ball.

Concerning my upcoming birthday, I just chatted with Mike, and he has shown a disparaging level of interest in the whole thing. He cites it to us making his birthday less than perfect, although I can't seem to remember how. I know that I didn't get him a gift until many months after the date had past, but besides that, I can't seem to think of anything else. I'm sure he will bore us to tears later with how awful the whole ordeal was. Oh well, so long as I have all of my friends there, I'm sure that it will rock hard. Bye for now.


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