Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Well, I am pretty much commited now. Against what would probably prove to be my better judgement, I went and reserved those plane tickets. I'll be gone for a week of absolute fun and terror, fun being seeing my great friend Shuuand taking in the wonders that is Toronto's Pride Week festivities, terror wondering exactly how my creditors will try and castrate me. The tickets, although quite cheap relatively, are kinda beyond what I am able to pay right now, barring an assload of shifts from work. That would be great. I'll be gone from June 23-30, which means that I miss the Reel Big Fish concert. For those who don't know, Reel Big Fish is probably the greatest band on earth, and I am their greatest fans. I've seen them once at the Vans Warped Tour last year, and they kicked ass. This concert is to be just them, so we could expect a slightly longer show. If I had tears in my head, I think this is just the thing that might entice them to make an appearance. Still, I can send my ambassadors Ryan, Colm, and Mike to go in my place, and have them take many pictures for me. That would be a pretty cool birthday present.

Did I mention that it's almost my birthday? Granted, it's about a month away, but I can't really let these things slide. Regardless of what anyone tells you, birthdays and their respective parties are a lifeforce, and as such are very powerful. I remember this one time where Isreal didn't invite Palestine to it's birthday party. Wow. That was an ackward week. I still don't think those two talk to each other. My only problem (besides being that I have more than TWO problems) is that I have very crappy memory, both short and long-term. This prevents me from remembering times such as peoples birthdays, which gets weird when I ask my friends "so when is your birthday?", and they are all like "last week" and I'm all like "oh shit". You'd think that I'd write things like that down, and I would if I didn't forget to.


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