Thursday, June 12, 2003

Well, if there are any loyal readers of this blog, I feel that I must apologize for the recent lack of updates. While I'm at it, I should probably apologize for the poor spelling and grammar as well. Regardless, work has been pretty time consuming here, although I can't say that the work itself is anything less than weird.

This week I am charged with the duty of guarding a tent, located in the parking lot of a fish distributing co. The purpose of this tent is for the annual lobster festival that this company holds. Inside this tent are tables chairs, and a gigantic lobster costume. Not much to provide security for, to say the least. If it wasn't for the homeless drop-in center across the street, I doubt the fish guys would even bother with security.

This is where it gets really funny though. I've always had a problem with our cities homeless population. Compared to other cities I have seen, they just don't match up. They aren't destitute enough, not dirty enough, not smelly enough. Sometimes you'll even run into a bum with a clean shirt! Also, they aren't beligerent enough. Instead of scheming plans to break into the fish tent, they are content to play a broken guitar and sing french-canadian folk songs.

Now, I don't speak french, so I GUESS that they could be saying something like "you go jump the back gate la-la-la, while I go create a diversion ya-ya-ya". That would be enccouraging. It would at least give me something to do for the 8 hours that I sit in my car. Right now all I've been doing is working on the comic that I want to host on the internet.

This project has been going extremely well. My friend Mike is doing a fantastic job coloring the comics, and my job affords me all the time I need to draw them. I think that if I can build a comic base that would last me 3 months worth of updates, then I will be ready to rock and roll. Just thinking about this is getting me excited.

But not nearly as excited as the notion of going to Toronto this month! Oh man, but I had so much fun at last year's Pride Festivities, and I was living out of a shanty at the time. This time, Matt has offered to put me up in his downtown apartment for the week, so I can only imagine that this will be even better. Only a couple more weeks left until I go.


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