Saturday, June 28, 2003

Well, that's it. For Super Monkey Ball 2, that is. We beat it. We seen it all. Every single level, from the easy mode to the Master Mode. We've bought everything that can be bought, we've balled everything that can be balled. So now it's 4 in the morning, and this is what we've amassed. I can't wait for Super Monkey Ball 3. Also today we saw Charlie's Angels 2:Son of Charlie's Angels Revenge. It was pretty cool, and the wire fighting done is super surreal. There was the oppurtunity to sneak into the Hulk movie for free after, but we decided not to, as it was late.

I think that I finally have some sort of an idea how the transit system works in this city. it's not simple by any means, that's for sure. They have 4 lines for the subways, all of which intersect this way or that at some point. But now I think that if absolutly necesarry, I could find my way home.

Women can be so cruel. My good friend Mel and her boyfriend John are staying the night here, so if we wanted, we could overthrow those who actually LIVE here. Mel and John get the fold out couch, while I get the floor. So they've both passed out from exhaustion, and Mel sees fit to take up at least 3/4 of the bed, and ALL of the blankets, leaving john just a huddled mass, left to fend for himself. I wouldn't trust this kid to brush his own teeth, so I gave him my blanket once he fell asleep. You can't say that I never did anything nice for anybody. I don't expect that I will sleep much tonite anyway.

If any of my friends back home read this, STOP CALLING ME! It will cost you long distance charges if I accidentally pick up, and no, I probably won't be up for hangin' out later in the day, as I am more than a few time zones away at the time. The only reason I even have my cell on me is for emergency purposes.


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