Monday, July 28, 2003

Alright, screwing around on this Mac is getting me nowhere. I've been trying to do some template changes to the site here, to no avail. The code is good, but the changes don't show up when I view the site.

Here's a cool idea that I want to implement onto the site. At the bottom of the latest newspost, I want to have a little box that will hold a small picture. The pic would likely be from my webcam, or any of my numerous spy cameras. I just think that it would make the site mcuh less boring, as well as provide incentive for people to return and generate repeat traffic.

I am hoping that this site will be the homepage for the webcomic, once we have enough stuff prepared. Thus, I want to be able to create a webpage that will be really cool, and not be like most of the scummy garbage that compromises most of the internet.

So I am off the Webmonkey to brush up on my html skillz.


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