Saturday, July 05, 2003

Goddam Mac computers. I had the longest post that I'd ever written all planned out, and then I tried to ctrl+c it all so that I wouldn't lose it. Apperantly, in the magaical world of the Mac, that command serves to delete all of your hard earned typing, and leave you a crying heap on the floor. At least I wan't doing anything important at the time. As my time on this computer is short, I wil sum up whatmy post was all about in point form.

-My friends are awesome, as they do things like let me stay in their homes while on vacation, or provide me with cool ninja equipment like grappling hooks.

-My party is this evening, and i hope that it is crazy go nuts.

-I am feeling largely conflicted with my plans to move out quickly versus my plans to get an education/black belt/lots of stuff.

-My job rocks, as I play gameboy and draw comics at a desk for a living.

So that's largely it, although I'm REALLY skimming over things. Anyway, I have to finish up things at work here, and then rest up for my party. Hope to see ya there!


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