Monday, July 28, 2003

I know that my friend Shuu would slap me if he wasn't halfway across the country, butI have to say it. Mac computers suck. The one at work that I've been using has crashed on me twice in the span of 5 minutes. I'm praying that it won't freeze again until after I've finished this post. I guess that besides their lack of dependabilty, they are fine computers. I mean, this one is very attractive, and blue.

I lost my money at poker. It was what I expected, so I am hardly dissapointed. The big winner was the bithday boy, to nobody's surprise. He's a good guy, and deserves what he can get.

I finished both books that I've been reading this weekend. I loved Hatsumi's book, and I can't wait to meet him. He's probably the only person in his age bracket that could make a Robocop reference in a book, and get away with it. What a guy.

After much pressure from several sources, I have decided that the next book that I must purchase it The Davinci Code. I've heard nothing but good things about it, and I tried to buy it before my shift tonite, but it's Sunday and the bookstore closes early.

Perusing the papers at the desk I am sitting at, I see that the person who works here is interested in media-related crime. There are reports printed off of murders and deaths that are imitations of those seen in movies and video games, almost all performed by teens or younger. All of your suspects are accounted for, Scream, Jackass, and Grand Theft Auto are all represented in these reports. I can't help but to think what kind of environment is necesarry to raise such kids. I would personally like to see a study that would attempt to show relations between media-related copycat crimes, and the demographic that these kids fit into. Are these all spoiled rich kids, that are raised to feel that rules and reality don't apply to them? Or are these poor kids, with both of their parents out working, leaving them to be taught reality by slasher films and video games? Or are they able to come from anywhere, breaking social stratification boundries to prove how stupid they are?

If you ask me, these killer kids forgot one very important aspect when they put on the ghost masks and killed their friends like in Scream: the killer got away with it, enough times to be in sequels. If you're going to imitate these slasher villains, go all the way and don't get caught. Then at least sick individuals like myself could take you seriously.

Not that these kids need to worry about the legal system. They don't receive any tangible punishment for their crimes, it's their parents who are made to suffer. And maybe they should. They obviously missed a large aspect of parenting if they forgot to teach their kids why it's not a great idea to kill people.


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