Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I'm a big dummy. The reason this is so this time is because I have been putting work before my ninja training for far too long now. I will have been absent from the dojo for nearly 3 weeks. I hate to think how rusty my skills will prove to be. I have my reasons for working this much though, money being the big one. I need it bad, after my trip to T.O. I have acrued quite the debt. If I don't clear this debt in time, I will have angry ninja masters after me, not to mention my parents and the credit card company. Oh well, I have been getting so many shifts lately, all these money probems should dissolve rather quickly.

In Pac-related news, I have hit a snag in my goal for 200K. I have gotten up to 185,180, which I am very proud of, but to continue forward, I will have to find a new strategy. The problem is that when you get to the 7th key and beyond, the power dots do nothing to deter the ghosts. At that point, you are flying without a safety net, and things get astronomically harder. I guess that I will just need to get more practice.

In closing for today, Ralph Klein got it with a pie. As my friend Shuu put it, "best stampede breakfast ever".


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