Sunday, July 06, 2003

In the REALLY big post that I was gonna do on that Mac the other day, I had this whole big paragraph detailing why all of my friends are cooler than yours. It was long and extravagent, detailing most of the cool things that they have done for me lately.

It has come to my attention that none of those workds were even close to the truth, if anything they amounted to the understement of the centuries. Not only are my friends cooler than yours, but if you were to take all of the friends in the world and put them together and make some kind of Godzilla-friend with them, my friends would come and kick some ass. In the case of the Godzilla friend, I'm thinking that my friends would get together and combine their powers to defeat it in some flashy stylish way. I'm thinking kinda like the power rangers, except not as lame, and kinda like the wonder twins, except that there's more than two of them. So something in between, use your imagination.

The reason for this overspilling of praise is in lue of the fact that they all pitched in to buy me a gamecube for my birthday. Not only that, but they also included all of the necesarry accesories required to play the upcoming multiplayer Pac-Man game, which I await with baited breath. I did not deserve this gift in any way, yet they saw fir to combine their wonder-friend powers (read: monies) and do the coolest thing ever.

Also my party kicked ass. I'm running a bit late for work now, so I can't describe an overly elaborate metaphor to state exactly how much it kicked ass.


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