Thursday, July 24, 2003

Let it be known that I am having a fantastic day. I can guarentee that my day is better than yours is so far. First off, while at work at this clothing store in southwest, i found a belt in the dumpster that has a perfect buckle to replace the broken one on my new backpack.

Then, after my shift, I went to the bank to see that my direct-deposit paycheque was deposited correctly. It was, and as it turns out, it was over $200 more than I expected it to be! This could not come at a better time, considering that there are many birthdays to consider this month. First up is Adam's, where there will be a poker tournament held in his honour.

I am no good at poker, and Adam largely makes a living at the game, but I figure it's the least I can do for his birthday.

Next birthday on the list is my bestest buddy Shuu. He wants Knights of the Old Republic for XBOX, and I tried to pick it up this morning, but they were all sold out. Needless to say, I will simply pick it up at a later date, and ship it off to him, his abode in jolly-old Toronto.

Feeling giddy with financial power, I went to the bookstore nearby to peruse their wares. Seeing a book entitled "Fast Food Nation", I swooped it up on an impulse. Getting to the till, the lady took a surprise 30% off the title, as it was a New York Times Best Seller, which entitles it to be cheaper, I suppose. I will have to read this book on my next shift Friday. Lord knows that nobody loves fast food more than me, so I sure as heck wouldn't mind reading about it.

Stopping for gas before I got home, I just happened to get the cheapest gas that I've seen in a month.

Who knows, perhaps this string of good fortune will carry through to the poker game. I wouldn't mind that in the slightest. If anything, it would be worth the weird dreams as of late. This is to say that there was a sequel to the bizarre-ness that ensues in my REM time. Strong Bad might call it Bizzareness 2: This time, it's seriously bizzare!"


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