Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Let it never be said that I don't carry with me legitimate super powers. They are indeed what kept me from updating any time last night. Sunday was the big shibaz, the parade, the parties, the whole enchilada. The pride parade itself was like any other parade, except that this one was actually fun, interesting, and worth acknowledging. After the parade, which was about 3-4 hours long, we walked about the streets, taking in the other festivities, of which there were many. We then proceeded to pack my things, and head out to this club, where there was an all-ages party going on. It was pretty fun, the music was good, the crowd was hot.So after that, we went straight to the airport shuttle, to get my ass back home. So when that was all said and done, I got home to hugs from the family, and the task of mowing our lawn. Hooray. In the middle of that bonanza, I got a call from my boss, saying that I had a job tonite if I so wished. It was at the hospital, doing a patient watch, and would last from 6-8pm. I am in desperate need of money, so I of course said yes. Getting to the hospital, it turned out that the job was from 6-6am, as in 12 hours as opposed to 2. More money for me, so I was quite happy. The patient I was watching was really screwed up in the head, but I guess that's a recquirement if you have a watcher assigned to you. After that, I came home, and began to update my blog, which you are reading now.

With all these events happening one after the other, there is one thing that should stand out as painfully missing. SLEEP. Didn't get none. Not a wink. It's my power. With that said, I need to go pass out now.

PS: Happy birthday to me!


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