Monday, July 14, 2003

Well, I told you that the barbeque would be a painful experience, and it was. This can all be blamed on one of my many annoying uncles. This particular one has a habit of marrying motorcycle floozies, and he is on his fourth one now. This one sees fit to bring her brother along to gatherings. His name is Will. I can only think of him in my head as Toothless Willy. This man is insufferable. Not only does he have the need to start every exchange with the phrase "how's it goin', buddy?" but the guys chainsmokes, thinks everything said is more hilarious than the last, and steals a digital camera off of the table to take pictures of my shoes. Yeah, he's a bit weird. Also, he's a suspected drug-addict, who interupted me in my story of the bum peeing in the parking lot I was guarding last month to correct me, as appearently he found "bum" offensive. He prefers the term "homeless". I don't care. Hopefully, uncle will be divorced and onto some other floozy before christmas, because I do not want to have to deal with this loser again.

Day off today, which means that I sleep in. All day. What a waste.


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