Saturday, July 19, 2003

Well, I'm back at that movie studio place with 30 computers, and they're all Macs. Sheesh. Oh well, it sure beats all the other places I've been working security for recently. This place gives me an oppurtunit to put down the gameboy, and pick up my pencil. The comic has been going pretty good lately. Mike is in a full swing of colouring now that his scanner is working again, and the results have been great for the most part. The process he uses is long and arduous, but for the most part the results are great. Sometimes the colours he chooses are just bad though. Still, it sure beats doing it myself! Lord knows the whole project would go nowhere if that were the case.

I'm glad that I need only provide security for this building, and not across the street. Looking out my window, there are a couple of quad bikes that are playing chicken in the empty lot across the street. As a precaution, I've dialed 9-1, and put the second 1 on speed dial. I can't wiat for those two idiots to kill each other. I hope that there's an explosion. I think that would be great.


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