Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I'll first apologize for the terrible spelling, I am on stolen internet right now and i can't afford to spell check. this transmission may end abruptly, and i have many things to say.

first off, i should say one thing. This fire is off the heezy. every night in the distance i can see the glow from off the mountian. it really is crazy. To get to this town, the security company rented me a vehicle. Because this whole operation is being funded by the government, we spared no expense on the ride. What I got was the 2003 chevy tahoe, which i think is in the luxury tank class. This is the biggest thing on wheels that I've ever driven, and I only wish that I had remembered my camera so I could take pictures of this and the many other ludacris things I've witnessed here.

I am getting paid a lot of money. i estimate that each week i spend here earns me $1.2K. I am signed on for 2 weeks now, but I may extend my stay to 3 or even 4 weeks out of sheer greed. It would all depend on how I feel after each week, I suppose. But I'll say right now that if it weren't for the dojo, there would be no need to go home.

The food they feed us is awesome, and free. Last night we had ribs and potatoes. SO good. One of the great things about this job is that it cuts my spendings down to zero: all the food that I'd pay for is free, and there's nothing else in this one horse town worth buying.

So, what do I do here? My security task here in Blairemore is twofold: 1)protect the firefighters tent-city from interlopers, and 2)try not to cut yourself on that damn fruit cup. 50% isn't so bad in this situation, i figure.

Security on the tents might SEEM like a good idea, save for the fact that half the town has already been evacuated, I assume it was the half that did not recquire walkers to get around. This town simply lacks the physical ability to interlope. and I oh shit someone's coming i'll try and update later i gott


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