Monday, August 25, 2003

Man, I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty pissed today. Before I left for the fire job, I had just purchased Knights of the Old Republic for Shuu, as he turned 20 at the 1st of the month. having been out of town, I asked for my friends Phil and Fat Mike to get the gift from my house, and send it to Shuu, who lives in Toronto. I have recently found out that it went unsent, and that the gift will now arrive nearly a month late. And that's just rude.

I'm not pissed because of the gift itself. Shuu understands the situation, and is cool with it. And the delay has allowed me to create a kick-ass birthday card to accompany the package. But it's the principle of the thing man. What I asked was a very simple favour from two of my closest friends. I was assured by them that they would take care of things, and that I need not worry. Surely in the three wekks that I was gone could they find the time to pull this off. Not only did they fail, but it did not seem that a whole lot of effort was put into their actions, or lack thereof. What does this say about them? That I can't trust them with simple favours? Lord knows I try my best to accomodate them. What do I do if I have something serious or important that I need their help with? Can I expect them to sit on their thumbs as they have now, and make excuses when shit hits the fan? I don't know. They could have been honest with me, and just say "hey, I don't think that I can do this, sorry guy". I would have been fine with that. All I'm asking is a favour, not invoking a wookie life debt. For now, I guess that if I want anything done, I'll just do it myself.

I woke up late today, played some Monkey Ball, picked up the game for Shuu that was in Fat Mike's possesion, fought with him for a minute, went to the hospital to visit the little brother, and then went straight to work. When I arrived, I realized that I forgot to eat. That's one of the things that I have to keep up on to not die, so I ordered a pizza and some cheezy bread. I only ate half, I'll have the other half for lunch with Aaron at the hospital, as they feed him crap. I gotta call work in the morning to inquire on some discrepencies on my paycheque that leave me short a couple hundred dollars. If I want to afford all the stuff I'll be getting soon, every penny will count. I still need to get a couple of birthday presents, one of which I am heading the organizational aspect of receiving donations for. The receiver of this gift may just read this blog, so I am not at liberty to say much else on the subject. I'll get that done tomorrow too, I guess. Then I'll go to ninjutsu, and have coffee with Fat Mike and Phil afterwards, and we can talk about this whole deal. Maybe we can work something out, where if one of us asks for a favour that we can't accomodate, we invoke some sacred rite of jackassery, wherein the asker of the favour just has to deal with it, and isn't left with any doubts as to the fact that he's on his own. I would be pretty cool with that. All we would need to do is come up with a really cool name for this rite.


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