Thursday, August 14, 2003

We will say for now that I am tentatively scheduled to return sometime around the 20th. Things are just getting to be an organizational circus around here. On the plus side, I have been moved on up to the position of night-time supervisor, which allows me to drive around all night with little care for how much gas I'm using. Also, it means even MORE hours, which ecquates to more money, which is great.

I'm thinking of buying a suit. I've never owned a suit, and never really had reason to, but I think that it might be cool. Maybe its just the fact that I've been wearing the same outfit for 2 straight weeks now that have triggered this need to dress up. We'll see when I get back.

Ugh. A coupla days back, I was working road closures, which has you paired up with a partner. I have no idea why the need for 2 people, unless management simply can't fathom that we are able to keep ourselves awake. Anybody who can't simply stay up for 12 hours does not deserve this job if you ask me. Anyway, the guy that I was working with was a real nutcase. He's one of those guys who blames somebody else for all of their problems, which I just can't stand. And this guy had a LOT of problems. I myself am not much of a talker, so it was pretty much 2 days of 12 hours of this guy bitching and moaning about his girlfriend, his jobs, his parents, his life. I wanted to run him over, and would have, except that he had some pretty cool CDs to listen to. My Tahoe has a bumpin sound system, so it was awesome to put in some NWA, and just crank it.

This whole money thing has got my head all messed up. I don't know what I want to do with all the extra money I will have. I know that whatever it is, I will have to purchase it quickly, so as my folks don't convince me to put it into savings and crap. What I need is a sword. Or an elephant. My options are pretty open, actually.


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