Friday, August 08, 2003

Y'know that you're in a real dive of an internet cafe when the computer that you sit down at is not chosen by how fast that it is, but by how much filth has accumulated on the keyboard. Yuck. So, I have made a decision regarding how long I will be staying in this crap town. I will be back in a week, on the premise that there will be cool shit going down back at home. I am talking like a cool party, or everybody going to the bar, or something in that vein. If this is not the case, and I am assured by my friends that everything will be boring, I will stay for and extra week. The cash made by that week would go toward buying something totally bad-ass, that I have not decided upon. My options are pretty open. I could get one of those swords that Sensei has been pushing on us, or I could get some keen new prescription shades, or maybe a CD player for the car that I am tentatively buying. Also, I could instead round out my Gamecube collection, or go on an internet buying spree. With a thousand bucks, I could get a lot of T-shirts, or Thinkgeek crap. Maybe I'll blow the whole thing at the GAP. The new commercial with Missy E and Madonna kicked ass. I am now convinced that they are dedicated to making me a customer, and buy using some of my favorite celebrities no less. That is just simply good advertising.

Y'know what? Screw it. After listing off all of the cool shit I could have on top of a car, I am gonna stay in this shit town for as long as possible. The max would be a 5 week stay, after which I would go back home to school right away. But think of all the cool shit I would haev! I'll be rich! No party is worth the kind of coin that I'm making here.

So in closing, screw you guys, I'm staying here. If I do miss anything totally sweet, be sure to tell me, cuz it sucks being here, but its worth it. I may not stay the full 5 weeks, but it will be at least 2 more weeks before I return.


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