Wednesday, September 24, 2003

As you can see, I am not in the greatest of spirits. I have recently returned from my General Studies class, which is quickly becoming the bane of my existance. The course itself has revealed itself to be another incarnation of the accursed 'Intro to Philosophy', except that in this version, the professor only THINKS that she is witty, when in fact all she is doing is making annoying sounds and talking with her hands too much. And this is but one of the people in the class that gets on my nerves! There exists a myriad of individuals who just can't seem to shut their shout holes upon stepping into the room. Of course they are all uninformed on the subjects that we are trying to discuss, but that won't stop them from giving their qualified opinion as rat-soup eating, fuck-mook honkeys. God, but would I love to slap them all. If you look at my notes for the class, it's just 3 pages of "shut up shut up shut up..." Sometimes I throw in little thoughts that pop into my head as well, like "what in hell is ugly-old-guy thinking?" just for good measure. But for the most part, Wednesdays are no longer my friend.

I am taking a web site design tutorial tomorrow! Don't get your hopes too high up, but this might mean cool little additions to the site.

Ryan is talking me into going to the Calgary International Film Festival, and I will admit that some of the films he is suggesting look like a blast. You'll just have to check some of them out for yourself, I guess. There's no way in hell that you could see even HALF of the films playing during the time that the festival is taking place, so I suppose that you're best bet is to flip through the selections, pick which ones sound kinda cool, and just hope that they don't suck. That's what we're doing, at least.

Concerning the new nifty feature of lookin' at pictures and such, I will only host the pictures for one weeks length, at which point they will be taken down. This makes it important to check the site regularly, otherwise you might miss out on something funny! As for today though, I have resigned myself to being a cam whore.

(edit: my parents have just found out that I have a website, so from now on all references to rat-soup eating fuck-mook honkeys will simply be acronymed into RSEFMH)

Webcomic Corner
Todays webcomic is Blue Zombie, one of Keenspace's more popular serial comics. I couldn't tell you why that is myself though, because as of late the story has become so twisted and contorted, that it competes with Megatokyo for the "Quickest Fall From Grace Award". As for the award itself, it would probably just be a keychain, or something equally crappy. Getting back to the comic at hand though, Blue Zombie is the story of a zombie (surprise!), so naturally I hate the comic based on the source material at the get go. You might want to check out their earlier archived stuff, as it isn't really that bad. Come to think of it, Blue Zombie and Megatokyo are also in competition for the "God I Wish I Was A Real Manga Award" too.


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