Sunday, September 28, 2003


Why? Because it's my day off, and I have too much free time. Also, I feel that the last post was lacking in the hypertext department, and I wanted to make up for that. So, let's boogy!

My sentiments exactly. Much thanks to Phil for pointing me towards this humorous commentary. And if you're watching this and saying to yourself "this is a gross exaggeration of the situation", ask yourself, is it really? I would say that this hits the nail right on the head.

Also, what the hell? If this IS for real, then my only suggestions would be to a) make sure that this game is as accesible to the masses as the first FF7, and b) find a different way to name your continuity-based sequels. You're going from Final Fantasy 12, to Final Fantasy 10-2, and now to Final Fantasy 7-2? All of this backtracking just makes it sound like you're admitting to some huge fault of yours.

Work last night sucked. Due to the bumbling idiocy of the security guard that works weekdays at the site, we are now no longer priveleged to the weight room. We are also being held in very low regard conerning the ability to do our jobs, which is hardly fair. Concerning my coworkers behaiviour, I am assured by my supervisor that "she's got great tits". Lovely. I want you to stop talking now.


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