Saturday, September 27, 2003

Hey hey! Remember that time that I took my new car into hyperspace, and then proceeded to blow up the death star? I do. Man, that shot was one in a million... But for real, I just posted this picture to show off my new car. In reality, flying a car in deep space for laser-gun combat is not a good idea. Han was right, it really isn't much like dusting crops.

Today's post is a bit long, so stick with me here.

What in hell is wrong with you people? Not you, but those other people. I'm talking about you slobs out there who think that just because we I am talking to you, you can bring up whatever inappropriate subject that you want. Yes, we do work together, so maybe there is some kind of unspoken link there. However, I really don't want to hear about your lurid opinions of every female employee in the company. Maybe this would be fine if we were like, watching wrestling and drinking beer with no shirts on or something. But I am wearing a freekin' tie here! Show some respect!

Another thing that has come to piss me off is television. It used to be that I jsut didn't like it, but now I hate it through and through. There exists no programming that does not pander itself to the lowest common denominator. It used to be that I added to the problem by indulging in some of this garbage myself. I will admit that it can be kinda funny to watch people getting hurt a lot. But no more, I say! I will no longer allow myself to be subjected to this debasing crap, targeted towrds obese mindless mouth-breathers. Of course, it's all well and good to throw stones at reality programming and the such, but I also have a problem with the programming that is Emmy award winning too.

Case in point: Sex and the City. I have watched a couple of episodes now, and I can honestly say that this has to be the biggest pile of crap that television has to offer. I uncovered the truth myself when I interviewed the Crusty Old White Guy Emmy Panel. Check it out!

Tay: So, you have awarded Sex and the City with several of you arbitrary awards?
COWGEPL: Yes, that's correct.
Tay: Because it's a show about horny women, right?
COWGEP: Yes, that's correct.

See? I tell ya, if I were making a TV show, it would be WAY better than the insipid writing and nude scenes in THAT show. But instead of making a TV show, I will instead create a series of Public Service Announcements for the kids, telling them to turn off that damn stupid idiot box, and get your lazy ass jogging! Yes, the camcorder that my dad is planning to purchase will pay for itself in no time.

Right now, I am engrossed in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It's good, but don't ask me why. Its an RPG, which by definition would ellicit my scorn. Perhaps it is becasue this game is more tactical than other RPGs, more in the same line as Advance Wars, and such. No matter, I am in the middle of constructing an unstoppable team of ninja!

Webcomic Corner
Clear your schedule, because this one may take a while. Bobbins has an archive of thousands, and took me a few days to cycle through. It is a dead comic, as the creator has moved on to another project, which I will feature in time. It's by John Allison, who may very well be the funniest British guy I know. For a lighter read that's more pleasing on the eyes, just start reading from 2001 and on. The characters page can get you pretty much up to speed.


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