Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Man, oh man. Work sucked hard today, working at an office building with other people. Shiver. So boring and aggrivating, and the most fun I was able to have for myself was to jot down this hella-long to-do list, sprinkled with random thoughts, which I might as trancribe right now. I intended to just order the blogspot service that would finally allow me to host pictures, but those guys are busy, and want me to try again later. Otherwise, I'd just scan this list, and let you look at it yourself. So without further adieu, the crap that will keep me busy from now till kingdom come:

-Get picture hosting on blog-spot
-Destroy all country music
-Mix green tea with coke, mass market
-Resolve to eat healthy breakfast everyday
-Do some laundry
-Give high fives
-Practice ninjutsu with Phil
-Read some crap for an essay that's due first day of class
-Start stupid essay for stupid class
-Kind sand in Rick Santorum's dumb face
-Read Webcomics
-Curse lack of time in each day
-Have coffee with Phil and Fat Mike
-Surf the rest of the internet
-Scan and post this to-do list
-Try and draw a picture of Pac-Man, flipping out and cutting of Blinky's head with a really big knife
-Contact Jack of Jack in the Box fame, market Ninpo Burgers
-Check my head size, and compare it with national average. Too big?
-Make print ad for Ninpo Burgers using photoshop. Concept:Ninja w/burger in hand kicks Ronald McDonald in the face. Slogan: ???
-Make up slogan for Ninpo Burger print ads
-Get pimpin' something fierce
-Review: Are high-fives still cool? Check stats canada, also ask Jeeves
-Check out maybe getting tickets to see Gary Burns' new flick in October, attending Gala afterparty. Swankness?
-Find out what a gala is
-Is Cara a robot? Powers of sobriety after much alcohol suggest as much. Testing required
-Test: ask Cara to perform "the robot". Judge performance based on overall robot-ness.
-Course of action: If she isn't a robot, then she merely has mutant super-powers. If she IS a robot, then she can help me with my homework.

So, as you can see, I've got a lot on my plate. So much so that I have to go and get started RIGHT NOW.


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