Saturday, September 20, 2003

Ugh, I am very sick, so this will be a fairly short post, mainly detailing the events of today. I woke up, sick, and made the largest batch of Ninpo Burgers ever, for a barbeque being held in Marta's honour. She's 20 now, so we decided to have a little fun. The mission before me was a kidnapping, a mission that I readily agreed to. Tracy lured her down a hallway while we were stalking her, and when the time was right, I sprung and bound her, blindfolding her as well. It was pretty cool, as I'm pretty sure that if people didn't call me by name, she would have no clue it was me who did it.

After those shenanigans, we went over to Tracy's house for the barbeque. For me, it could not have gone better. My Ninpo Burgers were an unsurprisingly huge success, and I am happy to say that the veil of obscurity is being quickly lifted on my greatest invention ever. The only problem was when some ignorant frenchman came up and tried to have one of my burgers, not with chile and sour cream as is recquired, but with ketchup, relish, and mustard! Philistine! I tired to argue with him about it, but he kept talkin' some crazy moon-man language.

Now I am at work, shivering my ass off, and fighting to stay awake. It really blows. The only comforst is that I will be able to sleep in for 12 hours after my shift, hopefully to better health conditions. But you can find that out for yourself tomorrow night, as I'll be sre to update here.

Webcomic Corner
Ah, is there any comic on the web that is as delightfully funny as Achewood? I dare say not. The trials and tribulations of anthropomorphic housecats with issues, combined with the smart writing of Chris Onstad makes for regular hilarity 5 times a week. Truly one of my favorite comics! Check it out!


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