Saturday, September 13, 2003

Wow, I can't belive how long it's been since I've updated here... To long, to say the least. Of course, with that much downtime, there is that much more that I have to tell you about. I will make a bold attempt to go through it all in as chronological of an order that I can muster.

First of all, Blackalicious. They were playing at Tequila nightclub, a place that I had never preiously attended, nor one that I plan to now. It was unventilated, overcrowded, and expensive as far as drinks go. having said that, it was the greatest show that I have ever been to. This crew is as good live as they are recorded, and bring a really great energy to the stage. The miraculous stylings provided by The Gift of Gab are no studio trickery, and he actually can rap for as long as he does on his albums without breathing. No sign of any Kevin Costner-style gills, so it must be that he is some sort of robot, the kind that can bust out in a freestyle at mach speeds. These are the kind of robots that we need more of.

Yoga sucks. It sucks a lot. In my first week of school, I found myself with an abundance of free time, so I went to the gym to see what was up. There was a free yoga class being taught, so I figured "why the hell not? I am always making fun of yoga sissies, so let's see if I'm justified in it." The deal is this: I AM justified in making fun of them, because these are the greenest, most tree hugginest, sun worshipping hippies that I have ever encountered. They also have what I would consider a very poor system for bending and stretching. I think of myself as a pretty flexible fella. But what these people do is completely butcher certain muscle groups, while complely ignoring others, in some vain attempt to kill all of the weak hippies, unfit to fight for their cause (namely, ending the cafeteria's "Whale Meat Wednesday's"). it has been 5 days since that incedent, and my legs are still in pain. Stupid hippies.

I am getting a car. Come this Friday or so, I will be the proud owner of the greatest steal this side of teh tracks. This also means that I must live like a dirtbag for the rest of my university career. Insurance companies promise me no less than a fatal raping when it comes to my rates, so that means no more spending much buxx like it's going out of style. No more going to the movies to cheer on Neo, no more sushi nights, no more fun in general. This situation does present a positive side however, as it will allow me to focus on the things that I have been completely ignoring as of late. I am now becoming a more scheduled, organized person.

My school schedule suxx much as well, and this ties into the concept. Every Monday and Wednesday, I am left with more than 3-6 hours in between my classes. Normally this would be a crippling blow, but I am determined to make the best of it. I now have a schedule that allows me to work out every day, sometimes twice a day, as well as getting a homework schedule that wil keep me from leaving all projects until the very last night, forcing me to pull week-long all nighters, or all-weekers if you will.

It would seem that I am in some insane bid to get into shape for my new years resolution. It's definitely crunch time now, and I guess that it's better late than never. So, on Mondays, I am working out solo at the gym, unless I can convince Fat Mike to join me. That's followed by Ninjutsu in the evening. Tuesdays and Thursdays will find me running the track with Kevin, also follwed by Ninjutsu. Wednesdays will probably see me at the gym lifting weights with Fat Mike, although I suspect he will try to lure me into something a bit sissier, like ice skating. Fridays and Saturdays I am at work, which allows me to take full advantage of their weight room, which is totally cool. Maybe I'll rest on Sundays. I think that would be pretty cool too.

As for getting image-hosting capability, I haven't tried in a few days, and I suspect that I will stop, what with the reality of car insurance demons interfeiring with my world. Maybe we will take a look in a month, and see if I can't get my finances organized enough. Or start selling drugs. I'm pretty sure that there's good money in that...


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