Saturday, October 25, 2003

Comic wil be up mid-Sunday. Mid-terms and Halloweenin' be takin' up all my time. Mid-terms are boring, so let me tell you what I've got in store for the H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N. Myself and buddies are sressing up as the 2D sprites from the original Pac-Man. Without going to deep into it, it will be sweet, and you should not be able to wait for me to post pictures on this Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel. The whole point of the costumes, besides looking totally sweet, is to win this contest that is between EB managers, the winner getting 5 new Gameboys. This is a deal that I can not pass up, and now can not lose. Having two gameboys would just be too cool.

The Rant
Ah, the preclude to Something Cool. Last night I was talkin' 'bout Justice, and how it is an ambiguous term. My good friend Jones, besides being crazy, has an interesting theory. He supposes that that the earth performs a kind of karmatic balancing act upon it's entire composition, which is not too hard to believe. Of course, humans make up a part of the earth, so it only makes sense that we should play some part in the balancing out of justice. Hence, it may be possible that two wrongs do make a right, cosmically speaking. Just something to think about.

Something Cool
I don't know about you guys, but I liked the original Resident Evil Movie. It may be only for the fact that I was able to correctly guess in which order the Token Black Character would die, but realy, it was a pretty solid horror experience. The teaser trailer for the sequel is out, and I will admit that it's pretty slick, if not substantial. Now you just have to ask yourself, which company is more evil, Umbrella Corp. or Cyberdyne's Skynet. I would have to say Umbrealla, as they use poor grammer that could only be considered evil, whereas it turns out that Skynet is really just some kind of sports blog. The faces of evil are many and strange, it would seem.

Webcomic Corner
From the first time I've done this feature, it has been my dream to introduce you all to this comic. I believe that this site may hold for us the very meaning of our lives. JerkCity is the largest and funniest compilation of gay-jokes ever made on an IM program, which is then used as dialouge for a small collection of cut/paste characters. This is the greatest webcomic ever. And the archives are larger than anything else that I have ever seen, as it has been running 7 days a week for 3 or more years. I've read them all, have you?
*Note* when reading this comic, it may help to know that most of the onimatapea seen is a reference to a sex act of one kind or another. Just thought I'd let ya know.


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