Wednesday, October 01, 2003

God, I hate Blogger. I just spent 30 minutes typing out a pretty bitchin' post, and then it was gone. All of it. Lucky for you, I have nothing but time, so I will re-type my entire symposium for you, albeit with much looser grammar. All I expect is a kind thank-you. And maybe a dollar.

So the picture. It's all my weapons and tools. I post this cuz I got me some new toys. So let's go down the list, shall we?
A- Six Foot Staff. It's made of a heavy wood, that's pretty heavy.
B- Kubotan. Made it myself. It's the only way I can do a right-hand punch without breaking my pinky finger.
C- A Really Big Knife. It's really big.
D- Bo Shuriken. My new toys. Perfectly balanced. I can't wait to try them.
E- Crappy Throwing Knives. I am considering dulling the edges to make a bad-ass keychain.
F- Grappling Hook. Given to me by EB Mike, a man whose nose for awesome stuff knows no bounds.
G- Three Foot Staff. It's fun to swing around, but not in the house, or mom will yell at you.

Random Cray-Z-ness!
For reals? Seriously, if there is anybody reading this who lives in the California or New York are, let me know. Parts of this look completely insane, but yet others appear to be totally legit.

Now for the serious part.

Ladies: why are your underwears showing? This past week has assaulted me with peeping G-strings and thongs, which just gets me weirded out. But it gets me thinking, was this an intended fashion trend? Or was this simply a crazy coincidence, where Levis forgot to tell the underwear companies that they were lowering their beltlines by 50%? And if this is supposed to be the new sexy thing, why are the ladies still wearing pants? If you're gonna have a stupid fashion trend, I say go all the way, and cut out the middle man. Those pants are just holding you back from your desired image. Naturally, I don't see this as sexy at all. I just see it as a failing of pants, no longer able to keep the underwears 'under'. But I must be coming off like some 80 year old puritan, so I'll stop.

Webcomic Corner
Let's see, what do we have today... Why, it's none other than Cigarro and Cerveja! I love this comic, not only because it's homegrown here in Alberta, but the jokes are just too funny sometimes. It's a fairly small archive so far, so give it a read through.

I gots this huge project to work on all night now, so I will have to call upon my superhuman powers to get me through it. I suspect that I may eventually start glowing green or something. Like some kind of ninja Toxic Avenger.


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