Sunday, October 19, 2003

Great Buddha's ghost, it's finally coming! Pac-Man vs. will surely be the greatest game ever made. I've got everything needed: The Gamecube, the Gameboy, the adapter, and enough friends that I can get to play. I am thinking that there will need to be a pizza party of some sort, with pizza, soda, the whole works. Book it off work, mark it on your calander. As soon as I can determine a date for this, that is.

Here's a thought: Why on earth would all of these kung-fu gods in the matrix wear suits and junk, when wearing looser and more comfortable clothes would be more conducive to ass-kicking? Sure, you look bad-ass in your armani suits and trenchcoats and what have you, but I'm thinking that in reality you'd rip your pants with the first kick to the head.

My job rocks. just recently the kitchen has been fully stocked with mixed nuts (the fancy kind, with no peanuts!) and those little cheese wheels that are wrapped in wax. I think that having your foods individually wrapped in wax is like saying "you are about to eat something special". That, and I really like cheese.

Scanning and colouring the next comic is going pretty well so far. This one was inked, and will have none of the problems that can be seen in the first one. The next few comics after that will be inked with a sharpie, so we will see how that works out. The plan is now to post a new comic every Wednesday or Thursday. I don't think that it will be too hard, seeing as how scanning and colouring takes about 2 hours for a comic. I don't know what Fat Mike was complaining about.

Webcomic Corner
I am at work right now, and can't remember which comic comes next alphabetically. So I'll just throw RPG World. It's a serial comic that is really just one huge running gag against Squaresoft, or SquareEnix as it is now. It's not bad, and the art has gotten pretty good over the years. If you can handle the angsty plot, I think that you'll enjoy it.


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