Thursday, October 09, 2003

I can not stress how excited I am to see Kill Bill. The thrill has just been mounting since monday, to the point where I think it's unhealthy. I will see it this evening though, hopefully with EB Mike, which I think would be awesome. I promise not to spoil anything for those seeing it on Friday, unless the movie proves to suck so bad that I will not see it a second time. Which would make it even harder for me to spoil anything, really. So it's all good. The picture you see above is Quentin Tarintino's Kubrick figure, from Resevoir Dogs. It's too late for me to bother hypertexting, I apologize. I promise to send you to magical places this weekend, as well as give a full review of the movie.

One of my bestest best friends in the world is coming back to Calgary! I am selfishly happy, as I am sure he'd be happier back in Toronto, but he's getting his own EB store in the south, which I think kicks ass. Now I have to carefully plan which EB to patronize, as I hate to be unfair to my firends. I've always shopped at EB Mike's store, but I have to stick up for the little guy, as those first few months can be tough.

It's weird. A majority of my friends work at EB. It wasn't always this way. It used to be that EB Mike was the only guy. Hence the name. But then he helped my friends get jobs, starting with Matt, and then Kevin, and then Ryan, and then Jon. That list is missing names too, I know it. This is another of the things that makes EB Mike cool, he's not an asshole. In fact, he's probably the nicest guy I know. And I don't really hang out with nice people. No offense dude, but you know what you did.

Webcomic Corner
Wow. If you want fantastic artwork in your webcomic, may I suggest Cup Of Suffering. There is a reason that this site only updates about once a month, if that. This is the most artistically intricate cartoon ever, and the jokes are even better than the art. The archives won't take you long, but you will laugh more than you ever would through at Megatokyo. Unless of course, it was a laugh of pity.


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