Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I would be working on colouring the first of my very own webcomics right now, but the damn scanner is missing a cord. I don't know anything about this, so I'm waiting around for somebody who does. If things work out right, you should be seeing the comic this weekend.

I was arguing with Phil the other day about the internet. He says that it needs to be more structured, more filtered. I totally disagreed at the time, and while I still do, I can now see his point. Lately, I've been searching for more delicious webcomics to share with you, and it's a progress that's proved to be frustrating. For every decent webcomic I find, I have to go through at least 20 that are drawn by Furry-Freaks, or kids that think it's cool to draw a 4-nippled sucubus as a main character. I think that in November I will do a "worst of the web" feature, chronicleing many links that you should never ever visit, as well as some advice for would-be webcomic artists.

Also, I've been trying to download Kill Bill, but with no luck. So far, all I've gotten is National Security, Scary Movie, and french porn. What mentality is required to do this? To label your garbage as something it is not, and giggling yourself to sleep when somebody downloads it, thinking it to be legitimate, it seems childish. And why do they even bother having language at all in pornography? It's not like people watch it for the plot...

America Scares Me
Have you ever heard something so incredibly racist that youalmost had to laugh? This almost did. I mean, what in hell are you thinking? Seriously, if she wasn't old enough to be my mom (and wearing enough make-up for several moms), I would probably punch her for being so stupid.

Webcomic Corner
I have a special treat for you kids today! It's a double feature, brought to you by the good folks in the cattle industry. First up, we have Dead-Beef, a Canadian webcomic that chronicles the lives of a bunch of morally challenged slackers. Funny stuff, pretty offensive.

Next is a comic that isn't really a webcomic, as it's published in the weekly Fast Forward. However, you can peruse the entire archives online, so I thought that it would be worth bringing to your attention. It's Red Meat, and it's as funny and weird as all get out. Bug-Eyed Earl is my favorite.

Also in webcomic news, if Jeff Rowland has actually killed Topato, I will be having angry words with him.


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