Friday, October 24, 2003

The Matt Came Back
And it's like he never left. Things are pretty awesome right now, what with Matt back in town. We went for a couple of meals, and saw Kill Bill for the third time. But I've said more than enough about THAT subject. The point is that I'm out of money for this month, and coulldn't be happier.

The new comic will be posted soon enough. This weekend at the latest. As per the norm, I will first rant, and then reward your patience with something cool.

Everybody has heard the phrase "two wrongs don't make a right". It's been told to you by your parents, your teachers, your after-school specials. But up until yesterday, I didn't belive it. I was sitting in my logic class, scribbling notes and doodling, when I heard it again. "Two wrongs don't make a right" he said, and all I could say was whoah, he's got a point there. This whole epiphany is really calling a of my previous beliefs into question, and it bugs the crap outta me. The problem as I see it lies in the definition of justice. I am currently trying to figure out what I think it means, after which I will try and decide for myself wether or not two wrongs do actually make a right.

Something Cool
Brought to you by the masters of all things offensive, this update's Something Cool is Something Awful's Photoshop Phriday, a weekly article that features doctored images that usually feature pictures of Hitler shaking hands with Darth Vader. But this week is a real treat, as they are spoofing Nintendo's Who Are You? campaign. Truly hilarious.

I've finally figured out how to cut and paste text with stupid Mac machines, making me less reluctant to do hypertext links on the weekends. Hooray!

Webcomic Corner
Her!, the webcomic, is pretty funny. The art is totally generic cut and paste stuff, so much so that it has a random comic generator which assembles panels at random for infinite possibilities. But it's funny. Really funny. Read it.

Does zomibie Topato and Sheriff Pony scare the crap out of you too? What a great way to work in a halloween theme, Rowland. Congratulations!


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