Friday, October 17, 2003

So, working at this film production studio, there is some guy who works with video games at his job. Of all the cool schwag that can be found in this place, this guy has the best stuff. I'm talking stuff like E3 reels, press releases from developers, a closet full of video games. But today, I just saw THE coolest thing ever: The HMD shirt that Joe wears in the game. I still have no idea what the HMD stands for. I'm just waiting for the day the bobblehead shows up.

Concerning making this site a proper webcomic, there is definitely some stuff that needs to be done. I will need to have tools created for archive purposes, and the new site layout that Ryan and Jon were working on will need to be tweaked, if not overhauled. Sorry guys.

There WAS always that plan we had to make the site a hub for several comics, remember? Super Brother? Remember that? I'm thinking that if we were ever going to do that, NOW would be the time.

In other news, I ave gotten to be pretty browser savvy. I just got me the new Avant Browser, and let me tell you, it is the shit. This software is so feature filled and efficient, that it cut down the time it takes me to view all of my webcomics in half. That's like an extra 30 minutes in my day now. So my suggestion is that you take your Internet Explorer, and give it a good UP YOURS CUSTOMER!

Aww, isn't that sweet? Ryan got a new shirt. Too bad that his lady will likely turn out to be a vampire or something.

Webcomic Corner
It's about time I made a distinction in my taste for webcomics. I FRIKKEN' HATE SPRITE COMICS. Don't give me this "you should read so and so's sprite comic, it's pretty funny" bullcrap. It's pathetic is what it is. I DO however make an exception to this rule if the sprites are an original creation. Having said that, enjoy Diesel Sweeties, another great comic form the Dumbrella gang.

Well, I should be getting busy now, if I want to be ready for the World Beard Championships in Nevada come November. If anything, I have a lot of catching up to do.


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