Saturday, October 11, 2003

So, you remember in the opening credits of Kill Bill, and it says that the music was done by "The RZA"? At the time, I figured that was the name of some production company that held the rights to all these old songs, or something like that. I never expected that they were actually talking about The RZA of Wu-Tang Clan fame. That just strikes me as odd. I'd have to give the entire soundtrack a good listen through, but I dare say that I will be soon going back on a vow made many years ago, to never respect Wu-Tang. I mean, they did that god-awful Shoalin Style video game. That pretty much tore it for me. But we may just be looking at redemption here.

I wonder, would the blood really spray up that much by decapitating somebody? I realize that we're dealing with some pretty high-pressure arteries and such, but I guess that it's hard to say. Perhaps sensei will know.

Speaking of weird acronyms, you can add this little tidbit to your trivia file. The word "fuck" actually originated as an acronym in the 15th century. No kidding. Back in the day, what with all the plague/war/death, England was seriously low on population. So the King at the time ordered everybody to repopulate. Hence the term "Fornicate Under Command of the King" was born. How neat is that?

I'm just gonna keep this post short, as I got things to do. So let's wrap things up here.

Webcomic Corner
Just when I think that I've seen them all, my little brother introduces me to something really keen! Chopping Block is the endearing one-panel adventures of a hockey masked serial killer. Some funny stuff here, and it definitly holds an original art style. Check it out.


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