Friday, October 03, 2003

These pictures are ridiculous, I know. So here's what I'm thinking. I draw comics (read: crappy comics) in my spare time (read: while I'm at work), and I aready have picture hosting abilities for the site. So why don't I just start colouring these bad boys myself, and just turn this site from a two-bit blog to a two-bit webcomic? I think that would be pretty rad. Maybe these changes will come about with the new layout that Ryan designed for me. I can't wait to show you guys just how awesome this new layout will be.

But I would like to talk about beverages now, if I may. Right now I am sipping on a Green Tea Sprite, and it's not bad really. It's a subtle taste, hardly a huge jump from the lemon-lime concoction that you're used to, but I like it. I've been trying to cut back on the amount of soft drinks that I consume, for health reasons if you can believe it. The way I see it is this: our bodies are comprised of something like 90% water, right? That's water, not Dr. Pepper. Also on the kinda weird things I've been up to: I have not been to McDonalds in a month. I was shocked when I realized this, as it wasn't really a concious decision. I think that what with my living-like-a-hobo lifestyle has just kept me away from some of the things that I do more frequently than I should, like eating fast-food. But I promised talk of beverages, and I'm getting off topic.

What is the deal with Red-Bull? We just got this stuff in Calgary, and it's being pushed pretty hard on campus, so I gotta ask a few questions. What is this stuff? It tastes like watered down cherry cough syrup, and the label refuses to clarify any of its ingredients in a language that I can understand. In the commercials, it's depicted as being dispensed from those tall cans that most energy drinks use, but here in the store, it's bought in tiny little glass jars. They kind of remind me of those vials that hustlers used to sell their snake-oils and nerve tonics, out of the back of their horse-drawn buggies and such. The advertising is largley simaler to those peddlars too. I am rest assured that this product WILL cure what ails me. After all, it's not an energy drink, but rather a vitamin supplement. Yessir, I am getting 200% of my daily reccomended intake of B6, B1, and uhhh, all those other obscure B-level vitamins. Whatever. At $4 a shot, I am not likely to be ingesting too much of he stuff. I do imagine that it would taste good with vodka though, so who knows?

Quote of the Day
Adam: Hey Marta, come here a second! I need you to help me "feel the love"!

Webcomic Corner
Coffee Brain. Uninspired jokes, copy/paste artwork, 2-dimensional characters. It's really not that great of a comic. However, the newsposts occasionally have really interesting links to wacky stuff. It's pretty high up on the ranking charts, but what does the internet know?


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