Friday, October 10, 2003

Welcome to the weekend edition of the blog, I'm glad you could join me. I am feeling a bit off, as I've ingested more Dr. Pepper in the past 2 days than should be legally possible. All of my avoiding of the carbonated beverages came to a crashing fall with my going to the theatres for Kill Bill. I blame the popcorn. I need to have popcorn when I am watching a movie in the theatre, as it's pretty much the only thing that will keep my mouth from talking. And I can't have popcorn without something to drink. And milk just doesn't go with popcorn at all, so Dr. Pepper it is. Of course, I get the big combo package, so as I can get refills once the show is over. Now I am twitching like some junkie, trying to type without fucking it up too badly. I will get to the Kill Bill Experience in a minute, but first I should start with stuff that happened before hand.

Thursday, I met up with EB Mike to kick around for the day. We played the incredible Viewtiful Joe while making our plans. (*Pro-Tip* When looking at the site, try and find the secret animated cartoon advertisement for the game. It's freakin' hilarious.) Our objective was to see the flick on its sneak preview night. Mike attempted to contact a number of insiders that would have been able to score us legitimate tickets to the event, but that fell through. It turns out that all of Mike's people are out of town this weekend. So we move on to Plan B: sneaking in. We figure that there will be at least some security for the theatre, so we make plans for the standard sneaking entry. We think that we're good to go, and begin to buy tickets for the film playing the next theatre over. We are then approached by the biggest character I have ever seen.

Sporting a fur coat twice his size, and a diamond-studded Rolex that would make you go blind, came Julio Ceasar, "the only pimp in this place". His "ho" had stood him up for the premier showing, so he was trying to pawn off his extra ticket. I gladly bought it, leaving us with only Mike to sneak in. Fortune smiled upon him though, as one of his friends was the tiket-ripper, who knowingly nodded as Mike made way for the "wrong" theatre. Our efforts and adventures were greatly rewarded, as Kill Bill is the greatest movie I have seen all year, and will likely remain the coolest movie I've seen until Volume 2 is released.

Possible Spoiler Alert! Continue At Your Own Risk!
From the first monolougue to the ending plot twist, I don't think there is a sigle thing that I would change about this movie. I am convinced that Quentin Tarintino is inside the head of every film nerd on this planet, and that this movie is the sum of their desires. I mean, this guy even makes sure that the opening credits of his movies are cooler than others. He could make a movie that was just credits, call it "Tarintino Fucks Around With Adobe Premier", and it would be a masterpiece. What I like about ALL of QT's films is the soundtrack. They actually mean something in the context of his films, and often say more than the actors ever could. Not like every other action film (read: The Matrix), which just showboats new artists and serves to distract the viewer from the action.

The violence was funny as hell, which is a new concept for a QT movie. After the first gunshot, my expectations were denied, and replaced with something much more enjoyable. Had the wanton carnage been done in the traditional QT style, I think that the movie would have suffered from taking itself too seriously. Thankfully, the Monty Python-esque blood geysers make for a cheeky good time.

This review is running long, so I'll sum up the rest of my feelings of the movie quickly.

The cinematography: superb. Much kudos goes out for the sillhouette scene.
The acting: If you can call it that, it's awesome. Lucy Liu plays the biggest bad-ass of them all.
end of spoilers

My favoritest holiday of them all, Halloween, is coming quickly, and plans are in motion to make it the coolest of them all. I am gathering a posse to dress up as the four ghosts of Pac-Man, and I shall assume the identity of the yellow one himself. We intend to haul ass through the hallways of the university, generally making asses of ourselves. EB Mike is haveing the party at his place, which will likely be cool as well. If possible, I will book the day off work. Perhaps Saeed won't mind an extra day of work.

Weird Link of the Day
It's french people, doing what they do best. Running. But now it's been made into an extreme sport of some kind. Some of the videos are kinda cool, some are kind of embarrasing. Sometimes the video is cool, but the audio is embarrasing. French rap, what in hell were you thinking?

Webcomic Corner
This is a quick step back in the alphabetical order of things, but it's worth it. butternutsquash is funny, and the art is good. It's fairly new too, so the archives will take you less than 5 minutes. So stick something in the microwave (might I suggest an apricot?) and enjoy.


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