Sunday, November 30, 2003

Just a quick little post today. I forgot about my final exam in Canadian Studies, so I'll be doing that for the most part tonight, rather than dicking around all night on the internet for cool things that I can share with you.

Everybody loves movies, right? So why don't I let you check out a few cool trailers that I found. That Jet-Li movie has been out for a while, but I have no idea where I could find it for rental. As for that second trailer, I think that's the most I will ever see of that movie. And as for Hellboy, it's the first real non-Marvel superhero movie to come out since superhero movies became cool, so I have high hopes.

Webcomic Corner
Religious satire is always welcome with me, as is nihilistic violence. Men in Hats has both of these things. It's just come back from a long break, and now it's once again in full swing! Definitly worth a read.


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