Saturday, November 22, 2003

A rant, a little bit o' news, some really cool stuff, and then the comic thing. Yup, today looks like an ordinary post.

For today's rant, I would like to review the new Prince of Persia game from UbiSoft. To review the game in one word, I would have to say "awesome". To review it in eight words, I would probably say "slowest male strip-tease ever depictied in a video game". So yeah, awesome. UbiSoft is showing the tendency to be completely unfair with their competition when it comes to the games that they make. The first game that I can remember them doing is Splinter Cell, which took the stealth action genre, and rendered any further attempts at it to be inferior. They created the epitome of the genre, that has yet to be bested, and likely won't until the sequel is released.

Now we have Prince, which takes the platforming genre, and does the exact same thing. It simply renders all games of that genre, past and future, obsolete. I am actually worried about this, because the release of Ninja Gaiden is immanent, and I would hate to see my enjoyment of the original ninja to be lessened because of the enjoyment I had controlling some kind of Persian ninja. Let's not kid ourselves here: the guy ninja rolls, ninja runs (on walls), and ninja fights, all at al level that can only be described as perfection. The fighting is really the only part that I think can be improved, as it can get somewhat repetitive at times. The other 80% of the game, the actual platforming, is like a new language that is spoken with your body. Each acrobatic action that the prince performs is lik a new word in the dictionary, and as you go along in the game, you are compelled to create such sentences that are beyond beatiful. I have yet to beat the game, but I hear that the original version of the game is a reward. I can remember playing long and hard at that game when I was a youth. The feeling cultivated while playing the original is perfectly emulated in the update, and multiplied tenfold, while the frustration factor has been subtracted out of the equation altogether. Play this game, play it now.

In the news today, we got some article claiming that a particualr bank robber has employed the worst disguise ever. This is simply not true. Have you seen Adam Sandlers Halloween costume ideas? Pretty terrible stuff, if you ask me.

For this one to be really funny, just read the headline, and look at the picture. Don't actually read the article.

So KFC finally stopped with those ridiculous commercials, that depicted their fried chicken as being healthy. "But honey, if two pieces of chicken (skins removed) are healthier than a whopper, why did you bring home a twelve-piece bucket?"

Finally, Pepsi decides to make commercial decisions that aren't insanely racist. I guess that they learned their lesson after listening to Bill O' Reilly. (As for the logic students take on the interview, it's so riddled with false dillemmas and "slippery slope" fallacies that I don't even want to get into it.)

Speaking of Ludacris, I won tickets to the concert that going on Monday! I'm pretty excited, as the guy as my favorite rapper out there, mainstream or otherwise. Not paying is also a pretty cool deal. I drew names out of a hat, and Ryan got picked, so it should be a pretty awesome night.

Ever had something that you wanted to say, but those pop stars jsut sing it better? Well, you should check Let Them Sing It For You. Really funny stuff. Send me your coolest songs.

On the cuteness scale of 1-pasta, this here is fricken ravioli. It dissapoints me to know that 3-year old Korean girls have more motor skills than I could hope to achieve in my entire life.

Webcomic Corner
Ooh! I got a pretty one here. In keeping with the cuteness, you should check out Count Your Sheep. A fun, family friendly comic that should really be more recognized. It really is a breath of fresh air to find a comic that doesn't degrade itself with an overabundace of foul language. Read it, it's good for you.

Webcomic of Horror
Seeing as this will be the final Webcomic of Horror installment, I intend to go out with a bang. Check out Keenspot. All of these comics (save for 7) are the best of the worst that Keenspace can offer. They are all garbage. Terrible art, terrible stories, furry crap, these comics have them all in spades. As for the ones that are the exception to the rule, I've either already reviewed them here, or will be reviewing them shortly.


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