Saturday, November 01, 2003

So, the twice a week schedule didn't hold up. It was really doomed to fail from the start. Still, once a week isn't that bad really. I may or may not run a storyline that I drew last summer, which Mike scanned and then abandoned. It would help speed things up a little, to say the least.

Halloween was a blast. It's a shame Matt wasn't able to make it. I got drunk, Ryan got sick (as per usual), Adam got buck wild, and there were some of the craziest costumes I've ever seen.

I don't really have a rant, or anything cool to follow it up with. Sorry. It's been kind of a boring week. Right now I'm listening to the entire Beastie Boys Anthology to gain inspiration for next years Halloween costumes. We plan to get 9 people together, and do "The History of The Beastie Boys". 3 would dress like the "Sabotage" video, and slide across car hoods and yell into megaphones and 80's style cell phones. 3 would dress like the "Intergalactic" video, and break it down something fierce. And the other 3 would likely wear neon fuzzy jumpsuits, and do the "Alive" video theme. Failing that, I just wear a cheap wig, and get drunk. That to me sounds like a fantastic halloween.


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