Friday, November 28, 2003

Three cheers for the ending semester! I had a great time at the Whiskey last night, what with my $50 bar tab (upgraded to a $100 tab for next time, once again proving that it's all about who you know) and all. Met Lisa, Devon's cousin, who is very cool, much like Devon. Got a wicked hangover.

Let's get down to it. I got a rant, news, cool stuff, and a cool comic for ya.

I really hate hippies. Certain hippies have me so mad that I can't see straight. What the hell is wrong with buying things? Do you honestly think that you'll change the world by acting like you're better than everybody else? They might as well organize a "National Kick Your Boss in the Ass Day". The justification of their actions is even more annoying. The damn survey that they did is misrepresentational at best. I swear that if I had the money, I would buy the most expensive, gas-guzzling SUV I could find, and run over the first pinko bastard I catch not buying anything. Instead, as I am strapped for cash, there are two things that I will not buy: Adbusters crappy magazine, and their communist bullshit.

They think they know what "creative resistance" is, but I'd like to show those Adbuster crackmonkeys a little creative resistance myself.

When it comes to breakfast cereals, there's no reason to be uncreative. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there sure isn't much by way of variety.

Speaking of gluttony, I've always been a fan of overeating, as I have no problems with obesity. Not in the sense that I'm a fat slob with a positive self-esteem, but that I gots me a metabolism that just don't quit. The theory was that there was a portal in my stomach, where food would immediatly teleport out of my body, and land in some guy's back yard. But now we have the science to explain it all. I just think that it's nice to see William Perry back in the news. I mean, when was the last time you've seen him?

Concerning both breakfast AND science, here is an article claiming to have boiled down the deliciousness of toast into a formula of sorts. Hey Phil, is this thing for real?

I love a good prank. Nothing screams "fun" like the screaming of a coworker that's being mangled to death by gears. What a knee-slapper! Meanwhile, in Germany, some crazy kids are just dieing for a smoke. Those must've been some baggy pants.

Man, I never thought that I could lose respect for the Black Eyed Peas so quickly. I blame Fergie. As soon as she showed up, everything has started to go to the crapper. Elephunk is by far the worst album they have ever released, and this cartoon looks to continue the trend. Sigh. I liked them more before they sold out.

If you're interested in dodging the draft, here's an exhaustive report, although I'm pretty sure that it'd be a lot easier to do what every other draft-dodging hippy did for Vietnam, and just move to Nelson, BC.

Webcomic Corner
Try Monkey Business on for size. The jokes are funny, the art is solid, and it's generally a great time to be had by all. I would definitly recommend that you read this.


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