Friday, November 14, 2003

Today's post is not a happy post. It's not really a "where the hell do we keep the damn kleenex in this house" kind of post either, so don't worry.

I would urge all of you interested in my affairs to read this. Never mind that his own comic makes today's Webcomic of Horror, because he's right. He's right. That being said, I am not going to be posting any more comics until I feel that I'm actually ready. Which I'm not. When I DO start to post agian, I hope that it will be something that will not cause your eyes to bleed. And to think, I was going to make a sprite comic where my furry room mates were transported to an alternate dimension to sit on a couch and make pop-culture references. I am officially out of ideas.

To make up for the lack of art on the site, I will now triple the amount of cool things that will be found here. I am currently on a quest to see the entire interent, and I thought that I might show you some of the more interesting finds. Here we go!

If I had know that you can be sued for wishing cancer upon your enemies, I'd have stopped replying to my spam emails a long time ago. I just can't wait for one of them to reply.

Check it out! An ipod that I can finally afford!

One of the big problems of trying to surf the ENTIRE internet is that a lot of the really cool stuff isn't in english. For example, this game looks to have a lot of potential, as does this samurai movie.

I haven't seen crappy animation this good since The Cheat made that music video for Marzipan. If you ask me,the champagne bottle/glass scene is a bit lurid, in a purely metaphorical sense.

H.H. Holmes is the original dungeon master! His shit makes that old PS1 game look like crap.

What's funny about this is that they totally left out The Matrix.

Why are scientists working on crap like this when they should be developing me a newer, hotter pocket?

Christmas is coming! I don't want to give any ideas, because I really don't want anything for christmas.

I should try this sometime. It looks fun. My signature is weird enough as it is, and it's only been commented on once, by some chick who works in the mall.

I intend to construct this machine of God in Mac Hall, and use it to launch grapes at unsuspecting hippies. It will be awesome.

And finally, here is another experiment that I will be trying, likely in the summer, as such things are not conducive to my school schedule.

Webcomic Corner
I do have some arguments against the lead article in this update. For one, I think that some cut and paste strips can be funny. For example, Lost in Appleton is funny as hell. Consistently. I love looking at the fourth panel, and seeing how Brad's facial expression seems to be different then in the previous three. I would DEFINITLY reccomend this comic.

As for my hatred towards the previously linked Ghastly's Ghastly Comic, it really has nothing to do with the sub-par depictions of tentacle-rape pornography, which has been the limpest running gag (2 years and running!) ever. It's the fact that they use the same word twice in the title, which seems wholly unnecessary. Seriously though, the second comic was funny. Then hey did two more years of the same fucking joke, and it got a little tired. I hate keenspace.


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