Saturday, December 20, 2003

Check it out! I got me a new phone! It's so awesome, it hurts. As for my old phone, Fat Mike has offered to lend me his aluminum bat for the occassion. Wicked.

Hold on tight, cuz I'm about to drop the science here. Remember that old second law of thermodynamics that everybody thought was the bomb? Well, it would seem now that it is bunk. For the most part, at least. Just for the record, I merely drop the science, I don't understand it. i leave things like that to my friend Phil, who will be all over this story like white on rice.

You like the movies? I love them. I like the trailers better though. You should check out Apple's trailer site. They got more trailers than you can shake a stick at. Check them out regularily, as they update every week.


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