Friday, December 26, 2003

Hello everybody, and Happy Christmas! I hope that your holidays were as enjoyable as mine were, if not moreso. Of course, a large symptom of the season is the many gifts that come along with them, and I got them by the boatload this year. Like last year (have I really had this site for that long?) I will post pictures of all the great things that I got. Just not tonite, as I'm busy reading my new book. It's a book to teach myself HTML, and it seems to have everything I need to create a site of my own, without the helping hand of After this post is up, I am heading straight over to Geocities to see about getting my own page. It's not my first choice for hosting services, if I can, I will see if Shaw will provide free hosting for subscribing with them.

So much cool stuff hapened this week. I got a job working at the airport (squeal!) watching a FedEx plane, and I'll likely be doing that into the new year. Luckily, it's a day-shift, so I won't get stuck at work when the ball drops.

Nothing much cool happened on the internet this week, so I went out to see what was new in print format. GQ released a pretty thin issue(read: less ads), and it had the ever-sexy Orlando Bloom gracing the cover, so I went and picked it up. As usual, it has the impossibly expensive fashions ($1,500 for a tank-top?!), an interview wth a complete non-celebrity that has no business being in a fashion magazine (this month, a 96 year old bank robber), amd sex tips (because sex is a relatively new thing, with progress in the field being constant). It's not the worst money I've ever spent. GQ uses nice fonts which are great for cutting up and using in birthday cards.

Is anybody else pissed off that Homestar hasn't updated with a Christmas special yet? I mean, it's already Boxing Day, for crying out loud!


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