Saturday, December 13, 2003

How's this for stupid? EB Mike scores the gang tix to see Snoop Dogg at the Saddledome, and me and him have to leave before he takes the stage because of work. Of course, when I show up to work, there's NOBODY THERE. I could have stayed for the show, and been there in plenty of time for the nothing to happen. Ugh, and the opening acts were such crap too. What a letdown.

I'd tell you about the rest of my week, but nothing else really hapend. I've been playing Culdacept with my friends Phil, Fat Mike and Shuu. It's a lot of fun, which is strange because it holds a lot in common with Magic: The Gathering, a game which I loathe. It is similar to M:TG because of it's use of cards and magic and monsters. It's also a lot like Monopoly, because I always lose. It's also like Monoploy because it's played on a board with properties and tolls and dice and such. Lots of fun, really.

Ninjutsu News: With any luck, Sensei will be moving operations to the new dojo this month, and also he has started testing for new ranks, to be given out in February. I am hoping that I am testing for my 6th kyu (green belt), as my white belt is starting to lose it's colour.


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