Sunday, December 07, 2003

Man, I've been drawing all night, and I feel that I'm coming up with some of my best stuff yet. Really, I am quite excited to share these comics with you guys. The art style has been updated, and I have a few colouring ideas that should keep it from looking like a children's crayon book. I'll be doing colouring this week, if I'm not working, so hopefully I can have a preview up by next weekend.

Here's that article on my favorite dictator, Kim Jong-Il. Doesn't he look like Mr. GQ in that picture. Damn, he sure looks a lot cooler than in most of his public appearances, where he applies more of a mad scientist look.

I heard that they're dubbing this movie with rap-stars voices and shipping it to America, by MTV no less. It looks pretty cool, but I can't find a trailer anywhere. Can I get a little help here? All the reviews I've seen say that it's devoid of any story or plot, but that's how I like my kung-fu, so I can't wait. Also, this would be the first South-Korean movie that would make it's way into pop-culture over here, and I think that's a pretty awesome achievement.

I'm kind of in a rush here, so no Webcomic Corner today. As it turns out, there was a few loose ends left in one of my courses that is now demanding my immediate time.


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