Saturday, December 13, 2003

Well, the holidays are in near-full swing, now that exams are almost done. It should be awesome. I going to try and work off my sizeable credit-card debt by taking a few extra shifts. Freaking Christmas. I have no idea what to get some of my friends. Take my friend Fat Mike for example. It would be easy to get him something awesome that I know he'd love, except that I am not made of money. Relatively speaking, this hasn't been the most expensive Christmas ever. Yet.

You may notice that these posts are getting smaller each time. It's not because I'm abandoning this project, no no, it's because I'd like for it to be more readable to the chance visitor. Who would want to read a comic and then spend another 15 minutes reading the post? Unless of course we are talking about Penny Arcade, the only exception to the rule.


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