Saturday, January 03, 2004

Man, even though I am in debt to several people, I am feelin' pretty good. I am getting a lot of extra work, so paying everybody back should be no problem. In fact, I should have enough left over afterwards to buy myself a little something. I have got a serious jonesing for an iPod. Allow me to explain.

My current means of music (4 year old Mini-disc player) has run it's course. I aliken it to the jukebox in Happy Days, in the sense that it's really old, and also in the sense that I have to punch it just right to get it to play.

I've done my homework. I know that iPods are the shit, although there is some opposition to them. All things considered, it's not only the product which I crave, but the lifestyle. I wish to be an elitist asshole. I want to curl my nose in disgust when somebody says the word megabytes. I want to shove an iPod in the face of everybody I see that is without one. I want to use more goddamn italics in this paragraph.

So, I've been searchin' the eBay for bargains, and I think that it will be no problem picking one up for February. All I need is a 5GB, first generation model, nothing that will break the bank.

Jon Allison had a good thing going when he created Rocktober, and I would like to take things even further than that. For the 2004, I say that we make every month one to celebrate in one obscure way or another. So I hereby declare January to be rename Manuary. Expect a lot more grunting, scratching, burping etc.


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