Saturday, January 10, 2004

Today is a wonderful day. Now that my hard work and extra shifts for the winter break have yeilded their cash-money goodness, I can now afford an iPod. And not some crappy, used, 1st generation, 5GB lump, but the sweet and small, 3rd generation 20GB model, in all it's glory. As usual, the University store has a students discount, so I am all up on it. Lordy, but I can't wait.

I'd apologize for the lack of a comic last week, but work comes first. You understand. If you don't, I'll show you how the backlight for my soon-to-be iPod, and how it is the most beautiful thing in the world, then you'll understand.

So, it's official, I have been converted to Apple. I know that my previous posts have been laden with hatred for the machines, but after constant exposure to them at my place of work, I have grown to love them. Rest assured that the first computer that I buy when I move out will be a G5, or some other godless waste of money for myself.

Now, I have read some pretty "out there" essays on the themes presented in Kill Bill, but this one takes the cake. (In best Yakov Smirnov impersonation) In Russia, Yakuza kill YOU!

A comic this week, for reals. If not, then I promise to link you to something SUPER BITCHIN' to make up for it. In all likelyhood, I will do both.


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